Paul Forman
1841 W. Puzzle Creek Dr.
Meridian, ID 83646
github: pforman
Experienced Senior Systems Engineer with a broad background across various technologies and
diverse industries. Strong focus on automation, infrastructure, monitoring, and modern distributed
systems. Recent technical projects have centered around migrating core business activities to AWS,
focusing on containerization. Seeking an impactful role in a company with interesting challenges
and growth opportunities.
System automation using tools such as Terraform, Packer, Ansible, Puppet.
Container Scheduler Systems, such as Kubernetes, Nomad, or Swarm.
Cloud Operations and Immutable Infrastructure.
Unix Administration: Linux (many varieties), Solaris, others – 20 years experience.
Configuration Management: Puppet, Ansible, Salt.
Datacenter Automation: Terraform, Packer, Consul, Vault, Nomad.
Database support and operations: MySQL, MongoDB, Cassandra, Redis.
Web frontends and proxies: Apache, Nginx, HAproxy, Fabio.
Log management: ELK, SumoLogic, Splunk, syslog.
Performance and Availability monitoring: Datadog, Zabbix, Nagios and other tools.
TCP/IP networking, firewall policy creation, and system security.
Languages: Go, shell, Ruby, Perl
Principal/Senior Linux System Engineer - 2011-present
Served as a Senior (later promoted to Principal) Linux System Engineer in the Site Operations group
within, a $400M e-commerce and digital content company.
Participated in technical leadership and led system architecture discussions, with a focus on ex-
panding operations from the datacenter to AWS.
Led discovery efforts and proof-of-concept projects to choose service discovery and container
scheduling technology for Bodybuilding’s future platform.
Primary operations resource for the first major project at Bodybuilding to launch cloud-native, uti-
lizing Packer and Terraform for immutable images.
Designed the multiple VPC and cross-account IAM system for Bodybuilding public-facing services
in AWS, all implemented with Terraform.
Managed internal source control systems. Initiated and completed a migration from Subversion to
self-hosted Git, then to Github Enterprise, including significant restructuring of the repositories.
Prepared and taught internal training courses on AWS, Puppet, Terraform, Consul, and other topics.
Mentored junior System Engineers.
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Senior Unix Administrator - University of Nevada, Reno 2004-2011
Served as lead system administrator for Unix services within Campus Information Systems, a cen-
tralized IT unit serving the University.
Developed and implemented configuration management, comprehensive backup and disaster
recovery processes for Unix services.
Developed and refined automatic install processes for Solaris and Linux systems, including system
software reductions, local packages and package repositories for customization.
Designed, implemented, and managed email scanning and routing system providing SMTP service
throughout campus. Developed web applications (Rails) to enable help desk access and updates to
email routing.
Managed campus student learning systems including major version upgrades and hardware migra-
tions. Typical software stacks included Oracle, JSP, Apache, and hardware load balancing.
Implemented enterprise-wide monitoring and log aggregation systems (Nagios, syslog-ng, Splunk),
including automated deployment of client software.
Mentored and supervised junior and student Unix Administrators.
Senior System Administrator - Abgenix Inc. - Fremont, CA (acquired by Amgen) 2001-2003
Served as lead system administrator for all research and bioinformatics UNIX services, and in an
auxiliary role for corporate UNIX services.
Implemented enterprise-wide Nagios monitoring system.
Developed customized automated Solaris installation packages and infrastructure which were
adopted as a corporate standard. Similar methods were developed for FDA validated systems.
Managed installation and maintenance of SAN environment, including technical lead duties on
EMC Symmetrix and Clariion disk system installations and upgrades.
Participated in development of company standards and procedures for FDA validation.
Provided support and resources for in-house software development teams, including maintenance
of source code repositories, capacity planning, and infrastructure.
System Administrator - TAOS, Inc. - San Francisco, CA 1999-2001
Served in a consulting role as Senior System Administrator for Miller Freeman and CMP Publishing’s
web services, acting as technical lead and supervising junior administrators.
Remotely managed lights-out production web environment hosting over 100 web properties, in-
cluding,,, and
Maintained and integrated multiple Solaris production web environments during a corporate merg-
er, technology integration, and subsequent partial sale.
Designed and implemented SMTP mail routing system and DNS for approximately 500 domains.
Led UNIX away team on a successful offsite Disaster Recovery exercise.
Performed remote automated installations of Solaris using Jumpstart in multiple offsite locations.
University of Nevada, Reno
B.S. : Mathematics and Computer Science, 1997.
M.S. : Computer Science, pending completion.